The Roots of Change

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July 17, 2020

All things must come to the soul from the roots, from where it is planted.

St Theresa of Avila

Your current experience was established in your past, whether you were aware of it then or not. So if your current circumstances are not to your liking, you may need to consider where you were when they were initiated. Were you conscious at the time or was that experience created in the collective unconscious?

These are good questions for self-exploration, but if you’re looking to change this current moment, notice how your thoughts and attention are playing into your present narrative. When we seek new or different experiences, the current moment is the most fertile ground for creating them. Think about your area of influence, right now, in this moment.

Control is an illusion 

It is the present moment where we can, and do, create our reality. Doesn’t it make sense then to spend more of our time in the present moment?

Adapting to changes that are out of our control and not of our choosing often triggers uncomfortable emotions. My default response is typically anger, irritation, or blame. But — no surprise — these feelings never lead to a more desirable result. 

When I want to affect positive change, I get farther by asking some new questions: 

What can I do with these circumstances? 

What are my choices now? 

Who could help me? 

Is this a time for radical acceptance? 

There is a reason for everything, and we may need to wait for the answers.

Intuition is your ally

If change in your life has knocked you off center, there is no better time to follow your intuition and pay closer attention to what may be lurking in the shadow of limiting patterns and beliefs. When life throws us a big huge change, then it’s time to stretch out  deeper roots, like a big oak tree. Roots, deeply aligned to your highest good, hold you securely in this moment, regardless of how turbulent circumstances may feel. 

What keeps you grounded? 

Just as each of us has a default response triggered by unintentional changes, we each must know how to ground ourselves. When you’re feeling wobbly, what is your self-care response? 

For me it is drinking water or bathing in it, taking deep breaths, walking and spending time outside in nature, listening to music I love, getting extra rest, reading. Bringing in flowers from the garden reminds me of life’s beauty and bounty. These small rituals bring about more peace and clarity and keep me grounded.

What does your tomorrow look like?

We can’t always change what is, but we can participate in the creation of what will be.

It takes discipline though. “Discipline” means to be a disciple to oneself. Staying focused on the small but important tasks we can initiate and staying true to ourselves without falling victim to all the shadow stuff — this is what will serve us best through changing times. As they say, Be the change you want to see.

To living in this Gorgeously Healthy moment,


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