Time to Renew with the Spring Year!

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March 16, 2023

Goddess principles include following the seasons and the Spring Equinox marks the start of another year — even more so than January does, for many.

The seeds that were germinated during the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) and then activated at Imbolc (Feb. 1–2) are now getting ready to sprout!

Whether or not you follow a practice or ritual during the Spring Equinox, most of us can feel the surge of fresh new energy, and you can take full advantage of this now.

Breathe in comfort from the Earth. What remained hidden and invisible during the Winter is now breaking ground.

The Vernal Equinox takes place at the moment when night and day are of equal length for the first time after the Winter Solstice. From now on, the Sun will be in the sky a few more minutes every day. Yay!

Spring is full of potential — a time for planning and planting

Begin your spring ritual by expressing your intentions first.
*What do you want to grow or bring forward this season?

Write down your intentions. Light a green candle and place it on an altar with fresh flowers or a small plant. Write an affirmation in present tense “as if” it already had happened. Put this on a card with green glitter!

Create a Spring altar

Include all the elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. But choose a special Goddess or symbol that represents Spring intentions for you. The Goddess Lakshmi or Fortuna, for example.

Get up early and watch the sun rise. Then do your meditation and some journaling.

Planting wishes

To embed those lovely intentions, take some white narcissus, tulips, daffodils or any spring bulbs and nestle them into some rocks in a bowl of water. Or if you prefer, you can plant them in a pot with soil. 

As you plant each bulb, focus on one of those intentions that you started at the beginning of the year and add some new Spring intentions too. You could also plant Summer bulbs in the ground if you like this season.

For a beauty ritual

Give yourself a Spring facial and include a gorgeous clay mask followed by a yummy hydration cream or oil.

Support the cleansing process

Start your day with lemon water and then go outside for some deep breathing.

Spring is an ideal time for gifting yourself a cleanse. I do one every Spring and every Fall.

Giving the digestive system a rest after all the heavy foods we’ve taken in during Winter is one of the best health promoting things you can ever do!

Some of the Gorgeously Healthy community are already doing this together with my Spring Goddess Cleanse, and — the good news —  it isn’t too late if you want to join our group. OR you can choose to do a guided cleanse at your own pace — with all the Gorgeously Healthy Goddess support at your fingertips. Find out more about how that works HERE.

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