Transformational Cleansing Deepens Connection with Your Higher Self

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March 2, 2021

I have found the quickest way to make positive change and real transformation is to first clear the body of toxicity as much as possible. We do this through cleansing. But I am not just talking about the benefits of a clean diet.

It starts out as a physical experience but quickly moves to mental and emotional clearing. Ultimately this leads to better connection with your divine and higher self.

It has been said that we are spiritual beings living in a physical world (body), not the other way around. Taking excellent care of and loving our physical bodies is key to increasing our happiness and sense of fulfillment.

Cleansing is essential to gorgeously good health

The cleansing process is something that the body knows how to do naturally. There are five eliminatory organs: the bowels, kidneys, liver, skin, and lungs. When toxins arrive by contact with skin, nose, eyes, or mouth, our defenses kick in and use one of these five pathways to get those substances out of the body as quickly as possible.

The problem is that in the world today, our exposure to various toxins has increased so much that our bodies struggle to keep up. So we need to help the body out by fitting in a “real” cleansing program.

Are you carrying any extra weight? Did you know that toxins get stuffed into our fat cells for storage until the body can deal with them later? Do you have chronic aches and pains? Increased toxins increase inflammation. Do you have trouble sleeping? Experience brain fog? Have skin or gut issues? All of these problems and more can be resolved by removing toxins from your body.

A “real” cleanse helps you feel better in every way

To assure yourself of a good experience, you need to prepare. A real cleanse involves more than just eating healthy foods and avoiding alcohol, meat, and sugar. The whole idea is to relieve your digestive system of work, give it nutrients and agents that help it detoxify, and use binders to help it carry the junk out.

This is a commitment. You must set aside time for this and mentally psych yourself up to do it. It means giving up certain foods and beverages for a period of time and then gently reintroducing them properly. It also requires a willingness to look at what you want and need to let go of on every level.

I have done practically every cleanse out there. Some were good and some I would never recommend, including ones that rely on tons of supplements or specific cellular support. I have done strict juicing, fasting, and everything in between. My favorite cleanse by far involves a very simple alkaline diet, fresh vegetable juice, herbal broth, herbal supplements, and a clay/psyllium shake, as well as taking a binder to ensure the toxic debris gets ushered out of the body.


*Before doing any kind of cleansing program, you should consult with your doctor or health care professional.

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