Trust Your Intuition As You Co-Create this New Year

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February 1, 2022

This month kicks off with a roar as Chinese New Year begins in the year of the Tiger! Sounds pretty powerful to me. What an auspicious time to begin something new. 

The number two has a strong presence this year too, and we are now in a “two” month. 

Groundhog day, on day two of this month, is where we notice whether the groundhog sees its shadow, and it reminds us of the promise of spring. This day is also St. Brigid’s Day, the festival of Imbolc, or Lammas if you live in the southern hemisphere, all awakening our creativity.

In the Tarot’s major arcana, the number two symbolizes feminine energy, and it’s also the High Priestess, who shows up in many different cultures. In Egyptian mythology she is Isis, the Goddess of intuition; in oriental mythology she is Kuan Yin, Goddess of compassion; in Greek mythology, she is Artemis, the nature Goddess getting in touch with her own nature and resourcefulness. These archetypes speak to a kind of inner journey back homeward, back to ourselves.

The divine feminine or High Priestess is all about cultivating our intuition.

This is what has been missing lately. Relying on and trusting our intuitive knowing, allowing unrestricted independence and balance. Are there any areas in your life where you allow others to adversely influence you rather than trust your own intuition?

Our High Priestess has attained this level of mastery and her connection with the moon is a powerful reminder for our own divine connection to source. Imagine what this energy can bring forward for you.

The second chakra, also a two, is where creativity and vitality are stored. It is also connected to money and our reproductive system. The menses, menstruation and menopause, are both aligned with this energy center. The color associated with it is orange. 

Create an altar to focus your energy. 

Now is an excellent time to create an altar if you don’t already have one. Choose a picture of Goddess Brigid, Isis, Kuan Yin, Artemis, or the High Priestess and place her front and center. Maybe you want to use oranges or orange peels on your altar this month.

Gather symbols for all the elements — fire, earth, air, and especially water. This could be a small mirror, a cup with actual water in it, or a seashell perhaps. Find something to represent your shadow. After all, our shadow deserves a place at the table too.

We are still in the folds of winter here so meditating or reflecting on what our shadow needs and wants is a natural starting point before we move into spring. The moon with her affinity to our subconscious and emotional feelings can help us out if we pay attention. If you know which astrological house this month’s new moon is in for you or what planet your second house is in, this could offer you some interesting insights.

Creativity, prosperity, feminine power, deep inner knowing, and what’s hidden in the shadow are all topics to journal about this month. Find the time to do this for yourself. The more you accept yourself and share with others, the deeper the clarity of your perceptions will become.

Let us know what insights come up for you by posting on the Facebook page.

I can’t wait to know what your High Priestess has to tell you!

Have a Gorgeously Healthy month. 



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