We Stand on the Shoulders of So Many

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November 2, 2021

Our own legacies are built upon a combined effort of those who came before us. Many of us now enjoy the freedoms we do because of the previous vision and actions of many people who have long since passed, in the physical sense. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Collectively we all have been evolving over time, and the thoughts we have now have been helped, shaped, and transformed by many others.

Look beyond the veil between worlds

The Day of the Dead, a holiday that honors the veil between worlds, is typically celebrated November 1st and 2nd. It honors our ancestors and those who have crossed over. This encourages us to tap into memories and insights that came from these past souls. It’s an opportunity to grieve our feelings of loss and find new inspiration.

Halloween has been altered over the years but still contains remnants of the principles of the Day of the Dead. Our relatives — including those who may have been somewhat ornery during their life here with us — can indeed become allies to us when they cross over. (Not that we would wish them to go before their time!)

We all have access to a collective body of knowledge, a universal wisdom that is beyond the seen world. If we believe and make an effort, we can rely upon this information to navigate our current world now.

Goddesses, other archetypes, or even superheroes can be useful points of access for us. If we are needing to nurture a certain quality in ourselves, we can conjure up an entity that has this quality and then embody it for ourselves. If we truly immerse ourselves in this practice, the brain doesn’t know the difference whether those archetypes are “real” or not.

Keep your imagination active

As children we imagine things quite naturally. But eventually well-meaning, logical parents convince us that this is silly make-believe and we should stop. What a pity. An active imagination is actually a useful skill! Where would we be if Albert Einstein or Marie Curie had stopped pursuing “crazy” ideas? The point is … it is the imagination that allows us to tap into a greater field of ideas — and it is always available to us.

We are certainly living in interesting times. Some would even say that the Aquarian Age that we are in now can help us awaken and evolve further as a species, and as a world. New thinking and new innovation are going to be required to transform and reinvent ourselves.

I encourage each of you to tap into your vision. Let’s start imagining again! 

For starters, let’s imagine Gorgeous Health, 


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