What Will Feed Your Soul?

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August 2, 2020

We all need some routine in our lives to feel a sense of normalcy. It helps us feel secure, knowing that all is well and moving forward. This is one of the reasons why creating intentional habits and rituals is so useful.

Here we are midway between summer solstice and the fall equinox. This period has been celebrated over the centuries with fun and bountiful harvest festivals. The traditional Celtic holiday called Lughnasadh (aka Lammas) is typically celebrated on August 1.  

This is a time for feasting, matchmaking, trading, and the gathering of the clans. The name is derived from “Lugh,” a Celtic God, and “Nasad,” which means assembly. The old English version translates to “Loaf Mass” or “Lammas,” the making of bread. Typically, these festivals would take place on top of a mountain or hill and draw folks from far and wide.

Of course, gathering together in large crowds is not recommended now, but I think we are all missing the summer season festival atmosphere. So I thought it might be fun to ritualize this year’s Lammas with some special offerings. Let’s each design our own ritual celebration! 

Maybe you want to a hike to the top of nearby hill with your family or “pod.” You could bring a picnic with some delicious foods representing the first harvest of 2020 — summer tomatoes, basil, and corn come to mind.

More importantly, creating a Lammas celebration connects you with the important people in your life. Rituals are about people and tradition, after all. This connections is yet another reason why ritual or seasonal celebrations with specific intention behind them can be so valuable.

Are you ready to start a new family tradition? Making bread is a fun and delicious way to engage the whole clan! Or create some new recipes with the summer’s harvest offerings. Perhaps your harvest festival will involve a walk together with friends and then returning home to a special feast. Let your imagination and heart be your guide right now. What will feed your soul?

The important thing is to capitalize on the energy of Earth’s bounty and sharing. That is what this midsummer time is all about. 

Wishing you all exceptionally Gorgeous Health. Happy Lammas!


P.S. One of my favorite Gorgeously Healthy essential oil blends for this time of year is the “square” or ground blend. It helps to center, ground, and nurture you. Check it out here.

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