Why Do a Cleanse?

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March 7, 2020

All of us are exposed to harmful toxins on a daily basis. 

Harsh pollutants, pesticides, chemicals in our food, water and air, and many common household exposures all take their toll on us. Fortunately, our bodies are built with vital organs that clean the toxic buildup from our system. But to help our bodies, especially the liver, handle that vital detox job and stay healthy, we need to routinely cleanse.

Avoiding sugar, sodas and processed foods isn’t enough. 

Although it’s a good idea to eat a well-balanced, whole foods diet, it is not going to remove toxins in the way that you need. Cleaning up your diet certainly makes a difference in your health. But in order to let go of stored toxic debris, your body has to be relieved of its normal duties. Yes, your body has been storing up those toxins until the time it can deal with them while not interrupting other metabolic processes. The problem is that time never comes because more and more toxic junk keeps coming in!

A proper cleanse is required if you want to stay healthy.

Why would you want to do a cleanse? It’s one of the best ways to eliminate brain fog and lack of energy, get rid of excess weight, ease joint aches and pains, and so much more. Have you ever wanted to eat differently but always seem to fall victim to your food cravings? Do a real cleanse and those cravings will disappear. You will feel so good that you won’t want to eat junk anymore because your body will be telling you what it really wants to eat instead.

Everything your body takes in — not just food — is important. 

A thorough detox means cleaning up as many of the other toxins we are being exposed to that are in the air, water and personal care products we use on our bodies. I will save this important topic for another blog, but I mention it because during a cleanse we need to minimize all the toxins that are going into our bodies as much as we can.

How often you cleanse depends on your life and lifestyle

I recommend you do a cleanse at least two times a year, usually spring and fall. It is not very easy to do one during the winter because it’s too cold and the body is not designed to release at this time. If you only do one cleanse a year, do it in spring when your body is ripe for a fresh start. I like to do one around the spring equinox and preferably on or near the new moon. Look at your calendar to see what time frame works for you.

For help getting your cleanse going, here are some programs that I recommend. Once you’ve experienced the renewed energy and clear-headedness a cleanse brings, I am certain you’ll want to make this a regular part of your self-care routine for better health. And if you have any questions, I would love to talk with you about the hows and whys of cleansing. 

Here’s to your gorgeously healthy life!


Some of my favorite cleanses






Cleanses good for detoxing heavy metals

revelationhealth.com (the cellular detox)



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