Winter Solstice Magic

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December 20, 2021

“Outside the freezing night.

This other night inside grows warm, kindling.”

Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

Winter Solstice Magic

Another turn of the wheel and here we are again at the winter solstice. This is honestly my favorite day of the entire winter season. It’s the longest night of the year if you’re in the northern hemisphere, or the shortest if you’re in the southern hemisphere.

Winter really can be a magical time. The leaves have fallen off the trees and the rain, snow, and cooler temperatures bring us inside more. This is the perfect time to reflect on your entire year that is soon coming to a close. Acknowledge all the learnings and events that have taken place for you and been part of your personal growth journey. What areas are needing you or calling you to look closer or to let go?

The new year is just ahead and we can make this next year a more informed and conscious one, but first we must look at what was just experienced — collectively and personally. 

But this is not to bemoan or complain about what did or didn’t happen.

In the Four-Fold Way, Angeles Arrien talks about this season as that of the warrior, taking a stand, being a leader, and of soul retrieval. Take a look at the eightfold year from an earlier blog to learn more.

the love warrior

I’d like to suggest a new archetype for this season: the Love Warrior. A love warrior is unafraid to love, especially herself. She knows she’s enough no matter what. She is willing to love first, even if the other person can’t or won’t. She is never a victim of another’s wounded projection. She simply loves and releases.

take a spirit walk

Weather permitting, take a spirit walk alone (without listening to music or podcasts or other stuff on your phone). Make this a walking meditation. Notice all the sounds, smells, and sights around you. Try and still your thoughts and just notice your breathing and any other sensory experiences. Feel your feet as they contact the ground. Notice the air on your skin. If you see a leaf, acorn, or pine cone, or perhaps a small rock that interests you, pick it up. If you come to a bush or plant that is interesting to you, pick a small sprig of it (ask it first for permission and say thank you to it after).

After you return from your spirit walk, put any treasures you picked up on an altar (create one on the mantle or a small shelf or table if you don’t already have one). Place candles there and anything else that feels representative of you at this moment of time.

honor the cycles of life 

Life includes decay as well as seeding, sprouting, flowering, fruiting, and harvest. Our culture resists death and the decay part of our lives. But without this part we would never be able to regenerate the new life that is awaiting us. Take a moment to reflect on what in your life is in the process of decay. What is seeding? What is sprouting?

As always wishing you a very blessed Winter Solstice


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