You Can Change Your Direction

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January 2, 2019


“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”   —Jim Rohn



Happy new year! I always love the new year because, well … it’s new. This signals a time to review what’s happened the previous year and to formulate a new vision of what you want and what’s possible for the upcoming year.

Lot’s of people decide they want to lose weight, start exercising, get their finances in order, and clean up_________ (fill in the blank). This is not a bad idea. But resolutions rarely work. Why is that?

For one thing, those kind of goals can make us feel like we’re only okay if we change ourselves. Resolutions build on the notion that we are somehow flawed and imperfect as we are. But, hey, we are flawed and imperfect — because we are human! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Instead of changing what’s “wrong,” how about moving toward something that’s “right”?

Having a vision requires us to see it in our mind’s eye. We need to BELIEVE not only that it is possible but that it is on its way to us. Envision what you want rather than what you don’t have.

It is important to understand WHY we want something. If you want to wear a skinny black dress for your niece’s engagement party, for example, and you can see yourself in that dress having a lovely time dancing and laughing with friends, that vision of self-confidence and fun may be a big enough why.

Seeing what we want is one thing, but we also need to have a PLAN. Your plan could include creating new habits, finding support, or practicing daily affirmations. Try breaking things down so you always know the next step. It may be a small one, like getting a passport if you are planning a trip. The point is to create forward movement in the direction of your goal.

I don’t think its helpful to have too many big goals at once. Some people like to set a few goals for many areas of life, like personal growth, health, and family. But if you are already crazy busy or in overwhelm, it might be better to zero in on the one or two things that would really make the biggest difference in your life, something that you are totally committed to doing.

Start out by taking stock of all the things you have accomplished this past year. Write them down. Have you acknowledged yourself for these accomplishments? Most of us (myself included) don’t spend enough time celebrating our wins. When you write down your accomplishments, you’ll likely see that you did more than you thought. Take time to reflect on your successes, be grateful for what you’ve done, and honor yourself.

It is the things we do on a daily basis over time that help or hinder our progress, so having a visual reminder can go a long way in helping us get to where we want to go.

Create a dream board or simply tape up words and pictures where you can see them everyday. Get out the scissors, magazines, pens, and other crafts. Make a date with yourself to DO it.

Envision what you want. See yourself achieving it. Create reminders and habits to support your forward movement toward your dream. Have fun! Until next time … See. Plan. Do.

Wishing you all a happy and gorgeously healthy new year!

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