Your Body Is Your Temple

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October 4, 2021

Your relationship with your body — with all its beauty, softness, and imperfection — is key to self-discovery, healing, and learning to love and accept your whole self. Listening to the needs of your body, without any self-loathing or body shaming, helps you experience even more joy and happiness.

The Goddess Loves All Bodies

The short, big, skinny or tall, the mushy or firm, weak or strong, black, white or brown of us — and everything in between — is perfect just as we are.

It’s time we reconciled our differences with this one precious “vessel” that we have been given to love our lives in.

Let’s begin by having an honest conversation with a part of your body that you have been critical of or disliked.

How to Love Your Body

Get into a meditative state and ask the part of your body that you are at odds with what she wants you to know and what she needs from you. Be patient with yourself. You will get an answer! And you might be surprised at what you learn. For example, when I asked my stomach what she wants from me, I heard that I need to slow down and chew more thoroughly. (Hmmm, I thought I knew that already.)

Next, create a ceremony or ritual that honors the message you received from your body. To use my example again, to slow down my eating I might take a long, luxurious bath or decide to spend twice as much time having lunch. I could put my fork down after each bite, saying an affirmation such as “With each bite I take my time and chew well. My stomach is receiving the perfect nourishing food it needs.”

This kind of self-care practice aligns us with our innate desires and contributes to our healing. It has a positive ripple effect in other areas too. When you pay attention to one voice from your body’s wisdom, you can more easily hear other ways and be kinder to yourself.

The beauty of our desires is that they are not dependent on some outside or external circumstance. The truth we need to hear always comes from within us.

Your body is your best friend, and it is your greatest teacher. Learn to listen to her and then take small actions that honor what she wants.

For further exploration …

If you want to learn more about how you can support your self-care, check out my 5 Portal system to a Gorgeously Healthy life. The Square Portal (as defined in the 5 Portal system) teaches us about what we take in and what we release. Nourishment and rest go hand in hand with being grounded. You can draw upon the Goddesses Gaia and Demeter, as well as the Queen of Disks in the Tarot, for inspiration.

The Gorgeously Healthy Goddess

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I look forward to hearing from you soon,


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