Your Guide to Lunar Cycles — making the most of the moon

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January 3, 2023

Are you ready to put some wind behind your sails this year? Become familiar with the lunar cycles — a Goddess gift and tradition.

The lunar cycle has a deep connection and affinity to a woman’s personal energy system. The moon governs the feminine psyche and hormonal cycle. When we understand its cycles better, we can capitalize on these energies and use them to our advantage. 

The lunar phases and the corresponding astrological transits affect us whether we are aware of them or not, so it makes sense to factor them in before we make commitments and decisions. Each sign takes a turn during the entire year cycle so depending on which sign your astrological houses are in,  you can capitalize on that particular energy. Or simply notice which sign the moon is in and use that astrological zodiac influence. 

For example, my rising sign is in Taurus so that is my 1st house, which governs identity and how we come across. My 2nd house, which is all about cash, property, values and possessions would be Gemini, the next sign after Taurus. You can find out more about your personal astrology houses by having your natal chart done.

When we know how to factor in the lunar qualities of each moon cycle, we can look at our calendars and plan our activities, such as self-care and community celebrations, plus get extra support for that particular moon’s energy. 

4 Main Goddess Phases of the Moon

New Moon

The new moon isn’t visible because the moon and sun are conjunct (appearing on top of one another). During this “dark” moon, we’re likely to feel a bit tired, more inwardly focused and perhaps sensitive. Because our psychic awareness is heightened, it’s a great time for reflection and meditation, conscious intention and manifestation. This is typically the menstruation, or “moon time,” for many women. If you are past the moon time of your life, this is your “energetic” period — the sloughing off of what is no longer needed or useful. This can be a deep and challenging time of the month. Take note of the zodiac influence of the new moon for further insight and reflection.

New beginnings are ripe after the completion and letting go of the old. This is the ideal time to make wishes, set new intentions and sow seeds.

1st Quarter Moon

The 1st quarter moon is half illuminated because it forms a 90-degree angle to the earth and sun. This is the time of the month when we’re likely to be open to taking risks, feel like socializing, and have more energy to move, dance and exercise. The 1st quarter moon is the time for emerging into the light and seeking outer balance.

It’s time for manifesting what we want by taking action. The 1st quarter moon is time to initiate what you’ve planned — a time of doing.

Full Moon

This is the third week of the lunar month and the moon is at its most luminous and visible. It is on the opposite side of the sun and thus reflects more sunlight. During this lunar phase we often experience the culmination of both conscious and unconscious aspects of our personality and any expectations we have contemplated or initiated during the new moon. Emotions are heightened and we may need to ground ourselves. It’s a time to celebrate our feminine desires for connection and sensual pleasure. Notice what zodiac sign the full moon is in for additional insight and expansion.

Now is the time for a party or gathering and for celebrating the fullness of life. The full moon offers enhanced revelation of the higher self, abundant manifestation and unobstructed vision. It’s a good time to release what is no longer needed or useful.

3rd Quarter Moon

This is the last week of the lunar cycle. As the light is now declining again, it is best to conserve energy and steer away from too many social activities. We don’t have the energy for them now. This is a time for integrating our life lessons and ensuring our choices are aligned with our deepest values.

During the 3rd quarter moon, catch up on journaling, reading and quiet time. Enjoy early nights, luxurious baths and other nurturing, self-care activities.

Our next big lunar event is going to be the full moon in Cancer on January 6! Where is Cancer in your chart?

As you can see, the cycles of the moon provide us with a lot of information. The more we tune into it, the more ease and flow we will have in living our Gorgeously Healthy way.

To making the most of the moon,


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